Unemployment rate in the country stands at around 7 to 8 percent. In comparison with our Asia-Pacific neighbors, Malaysia has 3.4 percent, 8.9 percent in Indonesia, 2.3 percent in Thailand, and 3.4 percent in Singapore. In South Korea, it was 3.5 percent, Taiwan, 4.3 percent, China, 3.9 percent and Vietnam, 5.6 percent.

Most of the unemployed in the Philippines are fresh graduates with about 400,000 added to the labor force each year. But a significant ratio of them also are workers who were retrenched from their jobs or whose employment contracts were not renewed.

The country’s education system continues to produce college graduates whose skills don’t necessarily fit with what is in demand in the job market. When nurses were in demand abroad in the earlier part of the decade, nursing schools have mushroomed to accommodate growing demand for nursing education, effectively leaving out other medical fields such as respiratory therapists, cardio technicians and CT-scan operators that are also in demand abroad. As a result, many nursing graduates fail to land their dream jobs.

Because of lack of related skills and experience, jobless workers or fresh graduates are unable to take on careers that are available in the job market. Some would think it’s unimaginable to take a job that’s too unrelated to the course he/she finished in college. With little or no entrepreneurial skills, many job hunters are unable or unwilling to establish own business.

It’s hard, if not impossible, to land a job if an applicant doesn’t even know where to start. Even if they’re looking at a job description, some of them are unable to figure out how to fill up a form, how to use e-mail service or find the address of the recruitment agency. A few would leave comments in a news article expressing their interest.

In the Philippines, a simple job vacancy gets way too many applicants. As a way to pre-qualify applicants (or discourage those that are not fit), employers have set requirements that are otherwise discriminatory and unreasonable. Take a look at a typical job posting for a cashier job vacancy in Manila.

Such desperation to get a job can sometimes make applicants more prone to scams and fall prey to illegal recruiters, SMS and Internet scams, further degrading their lives. The government’s unemployment problem should not be remedied only by further exploration of job opportunities abroad rights to the Super Maid program). Such solution may be deemed short-term for temporary migrant workers. Generating more jobs domestically should also be intensified.

-Charle Anne L. Cabardo


  1. So as what you have stated above, hospitals cannot accommodate all the nursing applicants because they have already manh nurses. So thus means that every other year, the demands of job would change and as the demand changes, every new graduates are neong unemployed because their courses are not suitabl to tge demands of our country or on the other country, unemployment of the new graduates un the philippines is really a problem because as the time goes by? They lose hope to find a job and they will inly be dependent to their parents and when the parents cannot support them at all, poverty happens. But if the applicant is determined enough to find a good and stable job, nothing is really impossible as long as everyone is capable.

    -Faith Madrona


  2. It’s hard, if not impossible, to land a job if an applicant doesn’t even know where to start. Even if they’re looking at a job description, some of them are unable to figure out how to fill up a form, how to use e-mail service or find the address of the recruitment agency. A few would leave comments in a news article expressing their interest.


  3. With our situation now its hard to find a decent paying job in our economy, with high prices and poor education our people is having a hard time to survive in this competitive world.


  4. You do have a point in your essay. We, Filipinos, have this colonial mentality of finishing education and then working abroad. That mentality itself doesn’t even help in our own economy. This is one problem that our country is facing and should also be focused by the government officials.


  5. Jobs abroad benefit the Philippines but domestic jobs are better because this gives workers the chance to build stronger bonds with their family and a strong family means a strong nation. This is because the family is the foundation of the country.


  6. Domestic jobs are a lot better than jobs abroad. In this way, family ties would be strengthened. After all, family is the foundation of society.


  7. In our country today that people always thinks of going abroad, people who are willing to work in the country are a valuable resource. and thats because if all our talented professionals go abroad, who will be left to tend to the needs of the country?
    -Christian Castillanes


  8. It is reasonable for some Filipinos who work abroad as they finish their tertiary degree. Why? For me, it is because for financial support of their family. Belonging to a domestic job is probably essential for family ties but the point in here is that how would they survive and support their families if less and low salaries and wages are not enough to feed the needs of their families?


  9. there are many reasons for becoming unemployed just like they can’t get hired all because of having lack of education, having disabilities or health problems. The consequences of having no job can be harsh and unfair to people. Having a job abroad can benefit the Philippines but Domestic Jobs are a lot better. With it family ties would be more stronger.


  10. Domestic job is better not just because they feel the embrace of their family and having to bond with our Co- filipinos, it also provides important livelihood source for persons who are illiterate and those with very little education.


  11. If there will be more jobs here in our country. Maybe family won’t be far with their loved ones and a happy person does his/her job well which in return makes the company rich which helps the economic progress of our country.


  12. If we look at it closer the PH has a 7/8 percent of peope with no jobs. China on the other hand has only 3.9 and they even have more people than the PH. The Problem wih the PH is, less people are doing business. Almost all of the businesses here in the PH are owned by foreigners. One factor of it is how Filipino people love american clothes and such, they promote them more than their own filipino merchandises.


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